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Program Overview:
This 2 -day course of Puppet Practitioner focuses on writing advanced manifests

Program Duration: 2 Days

Prerequisite Skills:
Must have completed Puppet fundamentals training of 2 days

Who should attend?
Targeted for Cloud engineers, Developers ,operations engineer ,Centre of excellence team, window server administrators, Unix/Linux administrator, Storage admins, network administrators , Virtualization administrators

Puppet Components
  • Installing The Puppet Master & Learning Puppet Master Layout
  • Installing The Puppet Enterprise Agent
  • Puppet.conf
  • Resource Abstraction Layer
  • Facter
  • Live Management
  • Catalog Compilation
Building Modules And Classes
  • Module Structure & Class Naming
  • Defining And Testing Our First Class
  • Declaring Classes And Creating Node Definitions
  • Autoloading
Puppet DSL Part 1
  • DSL Overview
  • Getting Started And Looking At Arrays
  • Relationships And Dependencies (require/subscribe)
  • Adding SSH Class To The Node Definition
  • Relationships And Dependencies (before/notify)
  • Conditional Statements
  • Conditional Statement Best Practices
  • Regular Expression If Statements
  • Adding An Ubuntu Node And Testing
  • Metaparameters
  • Files And Resource Defaults
  • Variables, Parametrization, And Scope
  • Inheritance
Puppet DSL Part 2
  • rvalue Functions
  • Templates
  • Creating The NTP Class
  • Resource Collectors
  • Defining Class Parameters
  • Class Parameters And Scope Example
  • Variable/Class/Module Naming Conventions
  • How Puppet Enforces Execution In A Catalog
Roles and Profiles
  • Overview
  • Creating A Profiles Module
  • Creating A Roles Module
  • Hiera Overview
  • Setting Up Our Configuration File And Data Sources
  • Using Hiera By Example
Building An Apache Module
  • Building The Environment And Overview
  • Building The Apache Classes And Parameters
  • Building The Core Classes And Resource Types
  • Adding Directory Management
  • Adding Defined Resource Types
  • Creating The Required Templates And Testing
  • Adding Multiple Virtual Host Files
Node Classification
  • Site.pp and Node Definition Matching
  • External Node Classifiers
  • Classifying Node With The Console
  • Using Site.pp With An ENC
Puppet Management
  • Common Console Tasks
  • Troubleshooting
  • Reporting
  • Preparing Modules For Puppet Forge & Downloading Forge Modules
  • Deactivating a Puppet Enterprise Agent Node
  • Event Inspector
  • External Facts
  • Checking Values of Settings
  • Puppet Resource Command
Resource Type Practice
  • Host
  • Resource Type Titles
  • Mount
  • Exercise: Working With The Exec Resource Type