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One of the Best IT Staff Augmentation & Flexi Staffing Company in Bangalore, India

For any organization Human Resource acts as its main USP and hence effective measures have to be implemented to ensure quality and sustainability. With today's volatile market Talent Pool is a very qualitative search amidst an ocean of resources. This requires stringent process to harness the right profile.

Our previous project management experience in recruitment helps us to streamline the entire process optimized to complete adherence to industry standards at all levels. We have various models that we work with our clients as per their need.


We at Anika Technologies can get you all that you need in three times lesser than the cost of hiring the right resources for your business.

Anika Technologies provide’s the best staff augmentation services in Pune India as well as Overseas clients so that you do not have to bear the hassle. You hire a resource or a team of developers from our talented pool and start managing them directly without any liabilities of being the employer.

It is a flexible outsourcing strategy that enables the company to hire talent globally and manage the augmented team directly. You would be the one who chooses the candidate that fits your requirements and you also have the choice to cut or extend your augmented team whenever you need to.

Recruitment firms help you find and add the skilled resources to your in-house team on either short or long-term basis. As these resources are hired directly by the firm, the cost and liability of making new full-time hiring is eliminated from your to-do list.

We will provide your resource or team with a seamless environment and connectivity convenient to your business. They’ll works according to your time zone so that you don’t have to worry about the time zone. All this while you continue to remain cost-effective and focused on the growth of your business.

We at Anika offer resources skilled with latest technologies like PHP, Java, .net, python .js, and angular js, react , Data Science, AI, BI, Dev ops, Cloud and many more technologies

What models do you work on?

a) Fixed ( Fixed amount of time and monthly rate card ) - (Ideal for long duration contracts)
b) Flexi – Pay for the time you consume – (Hourly rate )
c) Milestone Based - ( Ideal for small and medium projects )

What are the advantages, USP’s?

1- 80% of our talent pool is immediately available
2- Top rated resources who are pre-screened to save your valuable time and money
3- Pay only if you are satisfied with our resource
4- Resources working as per your time zones
5- Highly cost effective resources
6- Resources in all major/in demand technologies
7- Global network of eminent resources to choose from
8- Junior to senior executive level resources available
9- We have resources starting from 10$ an hr

Benefits of Anika Technologies Staff Recruitment Services –

Hiring flexibility
It is always critical to have the exact amount of staff at any given time to meet the business demands. Sometimes the business demands extensive resources for a particular department while sometimes the same department can do just well with lesser employees. In such cases, the business suffers with the excessively higher or lower number of permanent employees. With Anika Technologies Staff Augumentation services you will have the flexibility to meet changing staff demands.

Cost Efficiency
Our Staff augmentation service has an extremely transparent cost structure. You would not have to worry about the administrative and organizational expenses such as office space, allotting work stations and other facilities. You only have to pay the fee and the vendor takes care of everything. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to focus on the main business model rather than managing the additional staff.

Hiring for Specialized Roles
In few cases, specialized skill sets may be required for one project or business need but the same skills might not be necessary in the future. We are there for you in such cases – shop for a specific skill set without giving the commitment to utilize the same skill set in future. the company from an intensive recruitment procedure and makes it possible for the business to get temporary help at lower costs.

Scale Staff According to Needs
While being understaffed can be challenging, being overstaffed can be an equally tough situation. Having to lay off talented employees can be emotionally taxing for all involved and can blemish a company’s reputation if employees get the feeling that they all are replaceable. Staff augmentation makes it possible to temporarily upgrade staff numbers so that it’s not necessary to scale down after demand has been fulfilled.

Sustained control and management
While firms benefit from the professionals provided through vendors, they still retain total control over their work and management. In contrast to project outsourcing where the entire workings of a project are transferred to an external unit, advantages of staff augmentation ensures that only the human resourcing sourced to the external agency. The management still remains in hand. The control over management allows firms to maintain a stronghold over their projects and shape them in any desired manner. Project outsourcing often leaves out parent companies from any say in the management and execution of a project.

ROI for Client:

SLA Guarantee of constant access to pre-qualified profiles based on skill set, professional experience, certified knowledge and job stability.