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Program Overview:
This one-day course will give a strong foundation knowledge on AZURE critical services which makes up business use case

Program Duration: 1 Days

Prerequisite Skills:
Linux basic skills ( like working file and directories)

Who should attend?
Targeted for Cloud engineers, Centre of excellence team, window server administrators, Unix/Linux administrator, Storage admins, network administrators , Virtualization administrators

Module 1: User Sign up?
  • User Sign Up
  • Overview Azure Portal
  • Management Activity and Billing overview
  • Azure Pricing
Module 2: Azure Big Picture - 10000 feet overview?
  • An overview of Azure
  • Azure Virtual Machines- An overview
  • Azure Block Storage- An Overview
  • Azure Endpoints -An Overview
  • Azure Roles -An overview
  • Azure SQL Azure - An overview
  • Azure HD Insight - An overview
  • Azure websites - AN overview
  • Azure Networking - AN overview
Module 3: Azure Virtual Machine- Win server 2012 R2 ( Hands on lab by students)
  • Launch Windows server 2012 R2 Instance
  • Download RDP shortcut client
  • connect to the Windows 2012 Virtual machine
  • Upgrade your Virtual machine to hardware plan
  • Terminate the Windows server 2012 Instance
Module 4: Azure Virtual Machine- Endpoints ( Hands on lab by students)
  • Why endpoints are important
  • Edit Endpoints
  • Add endpoints
  • Remove endpoints
Module 5 : Azure Block Storage ( Hands on lab by students)
  • Create Block storage volume
  • Attach volume to windows Server 2012R2
  • Format the volume using NTFS from VM
  • Detach and delete volume
Module 6: Azure Virtual Machine- Ubuntu 14.04 ( Hands on lab by students)
  • Launch Ubuntu 14.04 Instance
  • SSH to you your linux instance
  • Install web server
  • Attach and detach block storage volume to Ubuntu VM
  • Terminate the Linux virtual machine
Module 7 : Azure Load Balancer ( Hands on lab by students)
  • Lab 7.1
    • 1. Launch Two Ubuntu azure vm Instances- apache web servers
    • 2. Edit HTML files to both the servers
    • 3. Test your web Servers through internet
  • Lab 7.2
    • 1. Create Azure Load Balancer
    • 2. Add both the Ubuntu servers to Azure Load balancer
    • 3. Test your Load balancing of web traffic
    • 4. Delete Load Balancer
Module 8 : Azure Cloud DNS ( Hands on lab by Instructor)
  • 1. Create a public dns hosted zone
  • 2. Create a record set ,rout traffic to load balancer

On Completion of this program: Participant should able to deploy understand Azure cloud services and also perform hands on lab on Azure win/liux vm, volume service,load balancer and deploy highly available web application