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Program Overview:
This 2 -day course will give a strong foundation knowledge on deploying Docker on Azure cloud and manage docker data centre administrator tasks

Program Duration: 2 Days

Prerequisite Skills:
Docker essentials training is mandatory before attending this session

Who should attend?
Targeted for Cloud engineers, Centre of excellence team, window server administrators, Unix/Linux administrator, Storage admins, network administrators , Virtualization administrators

Module 1: Install and configure Docker on Azure VM ( Hands on lab by students)
  • Deploy a Ubuntu 14.04 Server
  • ssh to Ubuntu server
  • Install Docker engine on Ubuntu 14.04
  • Validate docker engine is successfully installed
Module 2: Docker container operations on Your own docker host on Azure VM ( Hands on lab by students)
  • Launch a docker container
  • Login to container
  • Work in a container
  • List containers
  • Pause a container
  • Un-pause a container
  • Delete container
Module 3 : Docker Cloud Hands on lab by students)
  • Docker cloud –overview and pricing
  • Create your Docker cloud account
  • vCreate private repository
  • Add your own docker and manage through docker cloud
  • Manage containers through docker cloud portal
  • Integrate docker cloud with your Gihub (SCM)
  • Integrate your Azure cloud account with docker cloud
Module 4 : Docker Data centre (Hands on lab by students)
  • Docker data centre – Overview and pricing
  • Deploy your own docker Universal control plane
  • Deploy your own Docker trusted registry
  • Add your docker host to docker Data centre
  • Manager user and role based access
  • Deploy services with multi replica based containers
Module 5 : Azure cloud container server :Your docker data centre on Azure (Hands on lab by students)
  • Azure cloud container service – Overview and pricing
  • Create your azure container service
  • Choose your orchestrator configuration ( swarm or kubernetes)
  • Deploy Master nodes
  • Deploy Agent nodes
  • Login to you azure container service and perform container operations
  • Azure container Node Operations management