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  • User Experience Design is a comprehensive course that helps you understand what is user experience design and the modern design concepts.One gets to learn the process of User Experience Designer research and analysis, skills to design effective and compelling digital experiences across different mobile platforms, web and internet of things.
Course outline
  • This course helps you to shape your career in UX Design as it teaches you to apply the principles of user centered design. Course also cover the tools required to create effective User Experience designs using Axure RP and Adobe Experience Design.
User Experience Design & UX Tools
Overview of User Experience Design
  • User experience design and its importance
  • Elements of user experience
  • How the elements of user experience work together
  • Research process
  • Scope as an element of user experience
  • Structure as an element of user experience
  • Organizing principals for digital media
  • Skeleton as an element of user experience
  • Navigation design
  • A/B testing processes
  • How to develop content requirements
  • Prioritize specs and requirements
  • Create wireframes
  • Visual design principals
  • Best use of color and photography
  • Create an effective information design
  • Create a functional specification
Introduction to User Experience Design (1 hour)
  • Aspects of Great User Experience
  • UX Vs UI
  • Roles in UX
Careers in User Experience Design(30 minutes)
  • Careers option in UX
  • Design Careers
  • Research Careers
  • Strategy Careers
  • Making your Career in UX
UX Design Techniques Overview (1 hour)
  • What is User-Centered Design
  • UX Techniques
  • Gather and Analyse User
  • Create Personas
  • Ideation techniques
  • Scenarios and storyboarding
  • Paper Prototype design and testing
  • Plan your development cycle
UX Design -Ideation Techniques (30 minutes)
  • Adding Creativity to the User-Centered Design Process
  • Ideation Techniques
UX Design -Creating Scenarios and Storyboards Techniques (30 minutes)
  • Scenarios and Storyboards in the User-Centered Design (UCD) Process
  • Creating Scenarios
  • Storyboards to Visualize Scenarios
UX Design -Analyzing User Data Techniques (1 hour)
  • Data Analyzing in the User-Centered Design (UCD) Process
  • Gathering User Data
  • Experience Map
  • Actionable Data
Introduction to UX Prototyping (1 hour)
  • Prototyping Basics
  • Prototyping Processes
  • Prototyping Tools and Resources
UX Design Techniques Paper Prototyping (30 hour)
  • Paper Prototyping in the User-Centered Design (UCD) Process
  • Creating a Paper Prototype
  • User Testing a Paper Prototype
Introduction of UX Multidevice Design (1 hour)
  • Planning your Multidevice Project
  • Content Strategies
  • Designing for Touch Devices
  • Designing Multidevice Experience
Practical Tips and Tricks of User Experience Design
  • Alignment
  • Proximity
  • Consistency & Repetition
  • Contrast
  • Color
  • Typography
  • Visiblity
Sketch (4 hours)
  • Getting Started
  • The Interface
  • Layers
  • Shapes
  • Text
  • Symbols
  • Styling
  • Grouping Layers
  • Canvas
  • Exporting
  • Preferences
  • Export Presets
  • Sketch Mirror
  • Color Management
Adobe Experience Design(XD) (4 hours)
  • Designing and prototyping - workflow overview
  • Working with artboards
  • Combine and mask objects
  • Working with external assets
  • Create interactive prototypes
  • Preview designs and prototypes in the preview window
  • Share designs and prototypes
Axure RP
  • Prototyping fundamentals (1 hour)
  • Axure basics – the user interface (1 hour)
  • Prototype construction basics (1 hour)
  • Creating basic interactions (30 mins)
  • Advanced interactions (1 hour)
  • Widget libraries (30 mins)
  • Managing prototype change(1 hour)
  • UI specifications (1 hour)
  • Collaboration (1 hour)